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Complete original series playlist. (Parts 1 to 54)

Godgevlamste – Crater Earth

01) Is The Moon A Reflection Of A Gigantic Earth?
02) Is The Moon A Reflection Of A Gigantic Earth? Black Sun, Polaris.
03) The Moon IS A Reflection Of A Gigantic Earth?
04) The Illusionary Solar System : The Starmap Revealed
05) We Live On A Bigger Earth, Atlantis Revealed
06) Antarctica – The Final “Flat Earth” Map
07) The Walt Disney Flat Earth Map
08) The Sun, Portal Of The Parasite
09) We Did Land On The Moon, But Not The Way You Think!
10) Ice Age Map, Confirming Flat Earth
11) The Scams of Renaissance Cartography
12) The Vikings Were Jews
13) The Phantom Planets
14) Empire Of The False Christ
15) Artificial Intelligence And What They Forgot To Tell You
16) Escape From Flat Earth
17) Secret Of The Labyrinth
18) The Eye Of RA
19) The Blood Of Christ
20) Ter-RA-Forming Earth
21) New York And The Third Temple of Solomon
22) Ground Zero, The Rebuilding Of Giza
23) Planet Of The Ape-P
24) Continents And Time-Zones
25) The Official New World Map
26) Disclosure
27) More Evidence
28) The Galactic Scam
29) Flipped Americas
30) The Gates Of Hell
31) Polar Shift And Mud-Flood
32) The Capitol Hill Ritual
33) The Hivemind Queen
34) Arch-Ons
35) Torture In Time
36) Sirius B
37) The Mind-Control Machine
38) The Split-Off Society
39) In Search Of The BenBen Stone (Part 1)
40) In Search Of The BenBen Stone (Part 2)
41) In Search Of The BenBen Stone (Part 3)
42) War Of The Schwarze Sonne
43) Dragons, Virgins And Gold
44) RA Waves
45) Flight-Routes
46) All Roads Lead To Rome
47) Time-Layers
48) The Magic Mirror Machine
49) Horus Is Coming
50) The Solomon Knights
51) The Waveburg
52) Center Of The World
53) The Time Analemma
54) Curse Of The Pharaohs




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