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Complete original series playlist. (Parts 1 to 4)

EwarAnon – The Lost History Of Flat Earth


The Lost History Of The Earth. Volume Two.

EPISODE I: The Quest For The Keys.
EPISODE II: The Sun In The Church.
EPISODE III: The Two Books of Mankind
EPISODE IV: On The Bridge Between Light and Clarity.


“I have a feeling I am going to become very unpopular as I release more but I am very excited about the next few episodes and have been eager to make them for a while now. I am slow so they aren’t coming that soon and I haven’t decided whether to release them one by one or in batches. I’ll see how they turn out. A lot of information presented in this episode will return later, it’s not set in stone but, rather, iterative.

For the work of Dr Jayasree Saranathan and her multi-part series of essays on why many Western astronomical concepts are flawed see link below. It’s worth reading through these, especially for her application of Siddhantic and Vedic astronomical concepts, such as trepidation, that the West has conveniently discarded.

For George Dodwell’s work on the obliquity – this is the best link I have found. Much of his work is either out of print or was never printed.

Heilbron’s book The Sun in the Church is well worth a read. A lot of excellent material in there. It shouldn’t be too hard to find, unless it’s out of print now.

For alternative “square” earth cosmologies – this is the website but it’s kind of glitchy. I *think* the channel below also belongs to the same person although I’m not certain. Please note all cosmologies, including the “square” Mercator ones, are riddled with problems so don’t initially accept it as truth or of me promoting it as the truth. An episode on all cosmologies will follow much later.




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